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Moore Settlement Clearinghouse: Resources for Alaska school districts

The Moore Settlement provides funding through four programs to Alaska school districts to address low student achievement. This page is created and hosted by CEAAC to provide a one-stop-shop for districts seeking access to these funds.

What is the Moore Settlement and how does it work?

This section includes detailed backup information explaining the settlement and the programs it created.


The Moore Settlement: A One-page summary

Settlement program fact sheets

Two-year kindergarten
Targeted resources
Teacher retention
HSGQE remediation

Text of the Moore Settlement

Current 2013 list of 40 schools primarily addressed
Original 2012 list of 40 schools primarily addressed

The Moore Collaborative Committee

The Moore settlement is administered by a six-member committee. Three members are appointed by the Commissioner or Education and three by CEAAC. The non-voting chair is jointly selected. Members as of December, 2012, are Rhonda Gardener, chair, Brad Allen, Kerry Boyd, Ed McLain, Rich Mauer,Sue Liebner, and Sandra Kowalski. Professional staff work reviewing grants is performed by a contractor,
Dr. Phil Knight. Decisions of the committee may be appealed to the Commissioner and Executive Director of CEAAC.


Moore Committee grant application calendar

Moore Financials as of February 1, 2015
Past approved grants with rater commentary

Moore Collaborative Committee Audio May 19, 2014
Moore Collaborative Committee Audio April 22, 2014

Moore Committee minutes of March 31,2014
Moore Committee minutes of April 11, 2013

Moore Committee minutes of January 25, 2013
Moore Committee minutes of December 7, 2012
Moore Committee minutes of November 5, 2012
Settlement budget and deadlines adopted May 29, 2012

Important information for grant recipients

MOU regarding data requirements for Targeted Resource Grants (pdf) (Word)
Protocol for requesting a change to an approved grant (pdf) (Word)

Forms and application support information for districts

These materials are for districts applying for funding under the Moore Settlement programs.

Under “Forms for Districts,” find links to official forms to apply for funding to the Moore Collaborative Committee. The scoring guide used by grant reviewers to rate Teacher Retention Grants in the fall 2012 round of funding is included for guidance; it is subject to change by the committee.

Under “Pre-Screened Proposals for approved for Moore grant requests" find links to materials that districts can use to help prepare grant applications. Use of these proposals may reduce overhead and uncertainty in preparing your application. The Moore Collaborative Committee solicited these proposals from vendors and screened them as applicable to the program and likely to produce the desired outcomes. Districts can choose among 26 currently approved plans, depending on their needs and the applicability to their local circumstances. Districts will need to contact vendors directly for more specific information, cost, availability, and other details related to applying. Districts are not required to use pre-screened proposals. You can create your own proposal for your grant. The pre-screened proposals are provided to assist you.


Forms for districts

Targeted Resources Grant Form (pdf) (Word)
Teacher Retention Continuation Funding Form (pdf) (Word)
Teacher Retention New Grant Form (pdf) (Word)

Teacher Retention Grant Scoring Guide (pdf)
Index scores for all schools for use in March 4 applications (pdf) (excel)

Application for HSGQE Remediation Reimbursement (pdf) (Word)
Two-year Kindgergarten/Pre-Literacy Program (pdf) (Word)

Backup materials to the application, provided by DEED:

Alaska Early Learning Guidelines (pdf)
Information on Teaching Strategies Gold (pdf) (Word)

Submit completed forms by email to Lisa Miller, Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, through

Pre-screened proposals approved for Moore grant requests

Note: Seven new proposals were added on January 25, 2013. New proposals have serial numbers beginning with "107."

Pre-screened proposals for Targeted Resources
Pre-screened proposals for Teacher Retention
Revised costs in Alaska Humanities Forum proposal

Archived backup information on the pre-screening process

Moore Settlement philosophy and news coverage

The settlement followed many years of litigation and many months of negotiations. It has impacts in various dimensions. Here is commentary and news on the settlement.


CEAAC comment and analysis

Wohlforth article in First Alaskans magazine
Wohlforth column in Anchorage Daily News

Spike Jorgensen letter

News coverage

AP coverage in Anchorage Daily News
Juneau Empire coverage
Fairbanks News-Miner coverage
On Public Radio
On KTUU television

Contact information for questions and feedback

Dr. Barbara Adams, chair, Moore Collaborative Committee,
Charles Wohlforth, Executive Director, CEAAC,
Mike Hanley, Commissioner, DEED,

Members of the Moore Collaborative Committee

Dr. Barbara Adams, chair
Brad Allen
Kerry Boyd
Ed McLain
Rich Mauer
Sue Liebner
Sandra Kowalski


Updated 02/13/2015